Skin Exfoliation


Though it may sound counterintuitive, winter months are the most opportune time to exfoliate the skin. Thanks to dropping temperatures, indoor-heating and less moisture in the air, skin cells dry out (and die) faster and need to be sloughed off in order for new cells to come in. Exfoliation will also help your serums, moisturizers and lotions penetrate into new skin instead of sitting on top of a layer of dead cells. When choosing an exfoliant, it is important to follow these rules of care:

- Tip 1: Don't overdo it, as you can irritate your skin. 2 to 3 times a week is plenty.

- Tip 2: Try to find a scrub that isn't too harsh on the skin.

- Tip 3: If you have a #Clarisonic or automated cleansing tool, that can help, but again, gentle and soft, circular outward motions are best.