Let’s Talk Ticks


Ticks, those miniscule vampires of the natural world, can be found lurking in high brush, wooded areas, and anywhere deer roam.  Gardeners are also at risk, especially when tending non-native plants. They are alive and well even after the first frost. To shield yourself from these tiny menaces, follow these prevention tips:

  1. Permethrin Treated Clothing:

Invest in clothing treated with permethrin, but ensure it’s designed for this purpose and   contains no more than 0.5% concentration.

Don't forget to spray your shoes and socks monthly starting in the spring.

Reapply the treatment every six weeks or after six washings.

  1. Skin-Based Repellents:

For skin protection, opt for repellents containing either Deet (25%) or Picaridin (20%)

Picaridin is favored for its less pungent odor.

  1. Lyme Disease Awareness:

Approximately 25% of ticks carry Lyme disease-causing bacteria. However, they typically need about two days of feeding to transmit disease.

Ticks thrive in water so DRY clothes for 15 minutes on high heat before putting them in t the washing machine.

  1. Regular Tick Checks:

Conduct thorough tick checks regularly, paying close attention to less-examined areas like between the legs, under the arms, behind the ears and the scalp. When not feeding and early on ticks are poppy seed sized!

  1. Safe Tick Removal:

If you discover a tick, its crucial to remove it intact. Seek assistance from a board certified dermatologist for proper tick removal, identification and evaluation for additional testing or treatment based upon the tick type.

  1. Protect Your Pets:

Don’t overlook your furry companions; they can carry ticks indoors, potentially putting the entire family at risk. 

In the battle against these tiny yet formidable foes, proactive prevention is key. Take steps to safeguard yourself, your loved ones, and your pets to minimize the risks associated with ticks and tick-borne diseases.

Skinsage Team recommendations for best anti-tick products: 

    Sawyer Permethrin Insect Repellent Ranger Ready Picaridin Spray Cutter Backwoods Dry, DEET based