CBD Oil: 5 Things to Know


CBD Oil: 5 Things to Know

It's the supplement that's achieved cult status among celebrities such as #JenniferAniston, #GwenythPaltrow, #WhoopiGoldberg, and #MandyMoore. But what exactly is CBD oil, and more importantly, does it work?

Today we are sharing 5 things to know before giving it a try.

1. It's not a new product. Though you might have just learned about it in the last couple of years, cannabidiol (or CBD oil) has roots in ancient China where it was used for millennia, and Egypt, where it was used for pain and other ailments before the advent and widespread use of aspirin.

2. It won't get you high. CBD oil is made from hemp which is a specific variety of the cannabis plant. To be classified as hemp, a plant must have 0.3% or less of THC (which causes the "high"). Marijuana usually has 25-30% THC.

3. All oils are not created equal. #CBD oil is classified as a supplement and not a drug. This means that the FDA does not regulate it and companies can make unsupported claims. As a result, ingredients can range from ineffective to harmful. As a general rule, you want an oil with a Certificate of Analysis (COA). This is offered by a third-party who checks the levels of CBD in oil to ensure it matches the claim on the package. It's also wise to look for full-spectrum and broad-spectrum hemp oils opposed to those with isolates as the latter does not offer the same benefits.

4. Studies are promising, but it's not a miracle ointment. As we mentioned above, there are hundreds of unsubstantiated claims, but studies have shown promising results for help with issues including acne, eczema, itch, and pain.

5. Finally, consult your dermatologist. He or she knows your skin, understands what it needs, and direct you towards high-quality products and discuss any interactions you might need to be aware of.